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how can we help you?

Don’t forget about our FAQ section though. Your question may be listed for instant confirmation.

Can anyone join?

Yes, anyone can join but there may be a waiting list.

How do I become a member?

All of the information you?re looking for regarding membership fees can be found in our documents. 

When are your trails open?

Our trails are open from January 1 thru October 1. All trails will be closed during big game hunting season which ends in December. The date trails open back up be posted on the websites trail page. There is a section of the trail system that is closed after 6 O’clock PM daily. Please respect the land owners request and turn around.

pink ribbon across a trail

It means that the trail has been closed by the clubs board of directors at the land owners request. If you should come across a closed trail, please respect the land owners request and do not enter. I you should choose to go beyond this ribbon, it will cause the club to loose the rights to trail access.

I am waitlisted

You can be added to our waiting list by clicking here.

Why are there gates?

Land owners may have animals grazing on the property. Please use causing always and respect the wishes of the land owner and close the gate after you go through. not doing so could cause the club to lose access to the property.

What is limited member?

Members have access to all of this websites pages and features while limited members do not.

I haven't been approved

Once you register to become a member of the website a notification is sent to the webmaster letting them know there is a pending membership. At the webmasters convenience your information will be verified against the master membership list. If your information can’t be verified you will not be approved. You will receive a notification and your information will be removed from our system as we don’t store non member information. You will be required to register with this website again.

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