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Whether you want to hit the trails for an exhilarating getaway, or enjoy the ULTIMATE gathering, we can outfit your expedition with everything you need for the ultimate trail riding experience.

Choose from a variety of four wheel drive ATVs to suit your desired level of adventure so you can conquer the trails at your pace.

We also have gloves, helmets, trail maps, and even a guide if you like.

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One of the great things about an ATV is that whether you ride yours for work or for play, the experience is almost always enjoyable. 

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For an outdoor enthusiast, weekends are special times to unwind. A terrific trail along with favourite music that is all we need for a refreshing ride.

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As freeing and fun as it’s to ride, there’s a lot you’ll be considering while you’re riding: watching for obstacles, traffic changes, keeping your ride steady, and a plethora of other issues. All of this changes the minute the rain starts to fall.

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This guided adventure takes you through 23 miles of diverse offroad trails. We tickle your senses with the sights and sounds of flora and fauna; from arid farmland to lush tropical forest with cascading water-falls. Brief stops along the way will highlight famous movie sites, panoramic views and snapshots of our islands rich history.

Enjoy locally made snacks and beverage that you can enjoy while frolicking in a freshwater mountain pool.


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We sell models of all kinds! Whether you want to sell your ATV, truck, car, motorcycle, or other type of vehicle, you’ll get a real cash offer to sell it on the spot when you put in a VIN.

Want to trade in your atv for a new ride? Just use your cash offer as a trade-in value toward the purchase of any vehicle in our inventory—and we mean any! Whether you want to trade in an atv for a car, a motorcycle for a truck, or a truck for a dirt bike, we make it simple. As long as it has a VIN, you can trade anything with RumbleOn!

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We are proud to offer private tours for just the occasion. Call direct or ask your concierge how to personalize and privatize our tours to meet your needs.

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Conquer Mud with Your ATV

Conquer Mud with Your ATV

Although certain kinds of ATVs are setup for pushing through deep mud, the technique for getting to the other side remains the same. When crossing obstacles like mud, the biggest risk is getting stuck, which means coming to a stop. Because of this, speed is your...

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The Best ATV Trails

The Best ATV Trails

The Best ATV Trails: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure Next time you hear about a great riding spot, you might want to ask a few questions before you pack up to go ride there. Although all ATV’s are designed for fun, they aren’t all set up for having fun on...

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ATV Safety Training

ATV Safety Training

ATV trail riding is a fun and exciting sport that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. There is nothing like a good day on the trails, out in the sun and wind, to bring the family together or to meet up with friends or to make new ones. But ATV...

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We are proud to offer private tours for just the occasion. Call direct or ask your concierge how to personalize and privatize our tours to meet your needs.